Instant Breast Lift PastiesAdhesive Bra Reusable Push Up Nippleless Covers



MAKE YOU MORE CONFIDENCE: Adhesive breast lift tape with nude silicone Nippleless Covers quickly and effectively Lift your breasts and give you a natural, more youthful appearance. INSTANT BREAST LIFT PASTIES: Do you want to look and feel comfortable and sexy? get your Reusable Breast Lift Pasties with premium Nippleless Covers cotton cover WEAR THEM WITH ANY OUTFIT: These instant breast lift Pasties are perfect for wedding dresses, formal dresses, strapless and backless tops, swimwear, and basically any outfit. Our adhesive breast lift tape has the color of the skin, so it is invisible and discreet. [IDEAL FOR YOU] 100% MEDICAL GRADE SILICONE: Our instant breast lift pasties are made with 100% medical grade silicone, which is completely nontoxic and absolutely safe for your breast skin and nipples. In other words, you can wear the reusable breast lift pasties daily without any worries USE THEM OVER AND OVER AGAIN: Our Instant Breast Lift Pasties are REUSABLES, ideal for use them multiple times and they will always be sturdy and stay in place. To ensure their longevity, we suggest that you wash them gently with warm water and mild soap and let them dry completely before you use them again. [THEM WILL NOT LOSE THEIR ADHESIVE]


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