JasmyGirls Sexy Lingerie See-Through Tight Extreme Cosplay Backless Mini Dresses



sexy costumes for women sexy outfit for women sexy costumes for women for sex sexy sexy christmas costumes for women sexy lingerie for sex didlo vibrator for sex women lingerie for women for sex play stockings lingerie large sexy costume sexy dresses for women for sex christmas lingerie sexy christmas lingerie for women lingerie costume costumes for women sexy role play lingerie for women sexy dress for women for sex Size will be one size (XXS – M), Bust 80-100, West 65 – 90 cm, Recommended height 155 – 175 cm, Weight 40 – 65 kg or so is recommended. It is a shoulder strap that follows the line of a halter neck and is designed to boldly attract the upper body and back part. Sexy costumes emphasizing the feminine line, emphasis on comfort and body line, it stimulates further excitement with slightly transparent skin color. The stretchy nature of the soft fabric is perfect for the body, comfortable without feeling of tightening. Package includes: Dress,G-string


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