PinkBrown Reusable Comfortable Discreet Breast Petal Nipple Pasties Hypoallergenic



SELF-ADHESIVE STICK ON BREAST PASTIES ?C self-adhesive pasties are the perfect solution to adding some extra protection for your breasts when wearing swimwear, leotards or sports bras. Also used as a strapless bra solution, these nipple covers will give you the confidence to wear low cut dresses and tops without showing any bra straps COMFORTABLE NIPPLE PASTIE STICKERS ?C made from hypoallergenic silicone, our pastie stickers are suitable to wear against all skin types, including sensitive skin. The extra cushioning on the center of the breast pasties is covered with fabric which makes them super comfortable to wear and prevents irritation and soreness on the breast DISCREET BREAST PROTECTION ?C our boob pasties are ideal for wearing on days when you don??t want to wear a bra or when you need some discretion while wearing your favorite outfits. These soft, gel breast pasties are lightweight and won??t show through your dresses, swimwear and tops, providing a smooth, seam free appearance ECO-FRIENDLY WASHABLE PASTIE BRA ?C easy to care for and reusable up to 50 times over, our eco-friendly breast petals are durable and will remain adhesive when cared for properly. To keep your pasties clean, we recommend washing them with warm, soapy water after use and leaving to airdry. The adhesive will regenerate as soon as the boob pasties are dry COLOR VARIATIONS AVAILABLE ?C we have either brown pasties available in a pack of 3 pairs or peach pasties available in either 3 or 6 pairs per pack. Each pair of pasties is super lightweight and weighs just 16 grams per pair. Please select your correct color choice and pack size when ordering


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